Seeds of Love 2017

Merci Isabelle for the wonderful initiative. If you don’t know what Seeds of Love is, run here first.

I never had a blog, but the occasion is too beautiful to miss it.

I will participate with 3 varieties , all seeds have been collected in my garden in 2016. My garden is located about 10 km outside of Milan, Italy.

I didn’t expect o need the photos, so they are not that beautiful, but they give an idea.

  1. Tagetes minuta

Rare type of tagetes, with very small flowers. The plant arrives to 2 m high, and blooms in October/November. The roots are quite shallow for a plant that high, so be careful if you live in a windy area. It is a very helpful plant in your garden, since each exemplar may keep an area of more tham 5mq nematodes-free.

I received the seeds February last year from Teodoro Margarita, pillar of Civiltà Contadina, one of the leading seed savers communities in Italy at the seed exchange event in Costa Volpino. Teodoro is a very interesting man and an exceptional seed saver. You may find Civiltà Contadina website here, and Teodoro blog here.


2. Agastache foeniculum

Aromatic plant with a anis smell. It may be used in teas or salad. 30-40 cm high. It is very very very appreciated by bees and other useful insects.

These seeds came too from the Costa Volpino event. If you are interested in this event (or other similar seed exchange meetings in Italy) it is useful to consult the Semi Rurali agenda.


3. Calendula officinalis

I don’t think this one requires explanations.


And the winner is….

A note on the method: I used the site recommended by Isabelle.

At the end I had 28 requests, many more than I expected, next year I will be more prepared, I promise…


Of these, 5 will receive my seeds.  (20% winning chance, not bad actually).

And the winners are:

  • 26 Marie-Claude
  • 47 Eliane
  • 75 Sylvie
  • 80 Fany
  • 141 Andrea


As soon as I receive the address from SOL I will send the packages. Thank you and see you next year.

25/1/2017 update: the letters are in the hands of Poste Italiane


41 pensieri su “Seeds of Love 2017

  1. Bonjour Claudio et bienvenue au SOL!:) Je suis le n°75 et je tente ma chance pour la tagète minuta.
    Belle journée et bonne lecture de toutes ces belles listes! Sylvie

    Mi piace

  2. Bonsoir Claudio, bonne et heureuse année. J’ai le n° 47 et suis très intéressée par cette “Tagette minuta” que je ne connais pas. Bonne soirée et bon Sol !

    Mi piace

  3. Hello Claudio! I’m Raphaëlle, number 148, and i’m really interested in your 1 Tagetes minuta, full of quality… and very useful in the garden! Thanks for participating with us and let’s all have a very good SOL!

    Mi piace

  4. Bonjour Claudio. C’est avec le N° 64 que je tente le trio gagnant N° 1 Tagetes minuta – N° 2 Agastache foeniculum – N° 3 Calendula officinales. Bon SOL 🙂

    Mi piace

  5. Hello Claudio Nie to meet you on this Sol ! First i want to wish you a good 2017 and second i like to try the long tagetes minuta . Wish you a good sol with a lot of surprises for you !

    Mi piace

  6. Bonjour Claudio j’ai le n°23 et je tente ma chance pour le très beau tagetes minuta que je ne connais qu’en photo. Belle année et bonne chance au SOL

    Mi piace

    1. Bonsoir Claudio, mes meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année !! je suis le numero 91 et je tente ma chance pour l ‘agastache foeniculum , bon fin de sol , Christian

      Mi piace

  7. Bonsoir Claudio ! Tes petites grraines de Tagetes minuta sont bien arrivées accompagnées du descriptif et mode de semis que je vais appliquer à la lettre. Un grand merci. Belle soirée ! Amitiés 🙂

    Mi piace


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