Influence Redefined by Stacey Hanke


My gratitude to the Publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to review the book.

The author propose the reader a very intriguing question: Are You Really as Influential as You Think You Are? We all know that influence is a currency. It’s the basis of human politics at the end. We also know that with the arise of social media the concept of influence has changed,  but how do we measure influence?

According the author, “Most of us believe we are more influential than we actually are.”

If you open a newspaper on the pages of local politics, it is easy to understand this statement is true…

This also open another interesting possibility: if you can measure your influence level, can you also increase it? Stacey Hanke claims it is indeed possible, and proposes a step-by-step method.

The book is classically divided in three parts: Influence redefined,  The drivers of Influence, The elements of influence.

The first part is a definition of what influence really is nowadays, far from traditional thinking, and a case for influence as supreme competitive advantage in business. There is also an interesting discussion on how influence correlates on being able to communicate effectively.

The second part builds up momentum trying to explain that influence is not something that comes naturally, but one needs to practice.

In the final part we finally get into the method, increasing our own influence working on the fundamentals: self-awareness, consistency and adaptability.

What I liked most:it is a book made of no-nonsense wisdom. Nothing really revolutionary, but a practical and complete guide.

What I disliked most:  the language is sometimes too related to the coaching background of the author, too conversational for my tastes. Monday to MondayTM? No, come on… it’s abuse of registered trademarks…

Content: 3/5

Language: 2/5

Cover: 3/5



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